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Successful Marina Management System is a complete solution designed from the ground up for the marine industry (marina, boatyard, chandlery shop, boat repair center, diving club, yacht club).  Whether you manage a single marina or multiple, geographically distributed, marinas, Successful Marina got you covered.


The Successful Marina Management Solution consists of a core module (see Core module icon below) and integrated business modules (seeThis is a Successful Marina moduleicon below) that can be attached to the core module and expand its business capabilities: choose the modules your business needs from the list below, in order to build the ideal management solution for your organization.

In case you need expert help and advice for this selection process, you can always count on us.




Successful Marina Management System

The 360° degrees solution for your marine business


Core module Successful Marina MMS

Powerful, multilingual Marina Software that is easy to learn and use (suitable also for yacht clubs, boatyards, dry stacks, boat service centers, marine stores, diving shops, etc).


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This is a Successful Marina moduleBoatyard / Drystack Management

Haul out module for your Boatyard or Dry stack.  Automatic calculation of Staying fees for dry storage, electricity and water consumption.  Track availability via the Visual Management map and occupancy/availability reports.



This is a Successful Marina moduleBoat Service Center / Boat Maintenance Center

Extend the functionallity of Successful Marina with the Boat Repair & Service module which is especially designed for boat workshops. 

Manage the workflow of every boat Work Order easily with SUCCESSFUL MARINA


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This is a Successful Marina moduleSuccessful Marina Visual Management

Manage your Marina, Boatyard, Dry stack or Yacht Club visually via the interactive map.


Marina Management System in PDA devices rfid-reader-dock-boatyard-access Marine Retail POS

This is a Successful Marina moduleSuccessful Marina Pocket (PDA edition)

Your business in your pocket for portable access to business information

This is a Successful Marina moduleSuccessful Marina Access Control & Security

Centralized access control of business premises and automatic invoicing of paid services

This is a Successful Marina moduleSuccessful Marina POS

Point Of Sale module for bar code enabled inventory and retail sales in boat convenience (chandlery) store, diving shop, bar, restaurant, retail shop, etc


This is a Successful Marina moduleSuccessful Marina Electronic Document Management

Go eco-friendly and lower your expenses by replacing paper documents with electronic documents.  Capture and save the singature of a Customer electronically.


This is a Successful Marina moduleSuccessful Marina Accounting

General Ledger with Account Payable/Receivable, or the ability to connect Successful Marina with your accounting package (eg any ERP / accounting system, FreshBooks cloud accounting, QuickBooks, Sage, Singular, Kefalaio, Entersoft ERP, MomentumERP, etc).

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Automation of repeatitive tasks

This is a Successful Marina moduleSuccessful Marina Automator

Skyrocket work efficiency with automated business tasks that are carried out automatically by the computer whlile you are doing other things.


This is a Successful Marina moduleSuccessful Marina Online Reservations & Sales

Reservations and Sales over the Internet for increased bottom line and superb customer service. 

Manage your reservations via a chronological list or a Gantt chart to maximize profit.

Marina - boatyard bookings on a Gantt chart




Successful Marina Services

IT Services for the Marine Industry

marina software

Successful Marina Web Site

Dymanic (CMS) web site development services that will make your web presence stand out


Electronic communications network design and integration

Communication with Service Bollards, Phone Business System, WiFi, Access Control points (see map on the right), etc.

Down view with Card Readers in a marina-boatyard


marine customer satisfaction survey technical support

Successful Marina Customer Satisfaction Survey

Gauge your Customers' satisfaction, improve customer service and increase positive word of mouth

Successful Marina Technical Support

Top-rated Customer Support for all your Successful Marina Solutions


Successful Marina Custom Software Development Services

Tailor-made solutions for your unique business needs on the entire Successful Marina solution.



More features are added almost every other week, so the above chart may not include the latest developments.  Successful Marina evolves continuously in order to help you improve your business.  Improvements are based on comments and suggestions we receive from marina owners, marina managers and marina staff, as well as the latest worldwide developments of the marine industry.

The Successful Marina's open architecture makes possible the addition of any extra feature (upgrade, new module, etc) you may need today, or in the future.


All the Successful Marina solutions are easy to use and are combined into a single system in such a way that is compeletely configurable - scalable to your needs, present and future.

With Successful Marina you will have a bird's eye view across all aspects of your business: Rental of berths (wet & dry), long term berthing agreements, contract management, customer relationship management (CRM), yacht club membership, General Ledger with AR/AP, Haul out and Service yard services, purchasing and inventory, point of sale, mobile (PDA / tablet) devices.



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